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Strengthening Domestic Production

Onshoring, the strategic shift of bringing manufacturing back home, has emerged as a vital response to global supply chain challenges. By choosing onshoring, companies like Solidify Manufacturing reinforce supply chain resilience, ensure stringent quality control, and actively contribute to local economic growth. As we lean into this movement, we remain committed to delivering timely, high-quality products while bolstering domestic job markets and reducing environmental impacts.

Why Consider Onshoring?

  • Improved communication and responsiveness
  • Enhanced confidence in quality and transparency
  • Reduced lead times and therefore lower inventory cost
  • Mitigated risk of shipping issues, tariffs, and customs delays
  • Made in the USA branding

Why Onshore to Solidify?

  • Strategic Partnership: come experience having seamless communication with a manufacturing partner who understands you and your customer’s needs
  • Lower total cost: we are cost competitive by leveraging combining efficient logistics with the most recent automation technologies to deliver you reduced total cost. Our modern production processes are so efficient we even export products to Latin America and Asia.
  • Quality and Process Control: From modern measurement equipment to in-line vision inspection to a 24-7 on site quality team, our top quality parts are backed by a range of certifications like ISO, UL, NSF, and ITAR.


Why We’re Different