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Understanding Injection Molding

Our mastery in injection molding is exemplified by our versatile press range of 40-720 tons, equipped with state-of-the-art technologies from industry leaders like Arburg, Engel, Sodick, and Toshiba. Our prowess in high-cavitation and stack molding ensures the smooth operation of your high-volume injection molding projects.

But sophisticated presses and molds form just one facet. Our molding processes are complemented by an exhaustive suite of automation and material conveyance systems, enabling the seamless production, boxing, and palletizing of parts without manual intervention. Incorporating advanced robotics, autonomous material transfer, and comprehensive boxing and stacking procedures, we design an optimal production unit tailored to your needs.

For quality assurance, we offer in-line camera checks, automated evaluations via CMM, and both optical and 3D scanning methods. Our dedicated production, technical, and quality teams operate 24-7, ensuring consistent, punctual production.

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Blow Molding

Utilizing advanced techniques, our blow molding services provide robust and versatile solutions tailored to diverse product specifications.

Thermoset Molding

With an emphasis on durability and performance, our thermoset molding solutions offer components that withstand challenging conditions, ensuring long-term reliability.