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Demystifying Blow Molding

Our blow molding facility can manage shot weights from 135 grams up to 35 lbs, featuring 1 to 4 head manufacturing capabilities. Enhancing this, we integrate IML and insert molding, delivering a comprehensive blow molding solution.

Mirroring our injection molding model, our blow molding processes are paired with automated material conveyance, packaging, and live inspections, promoting a streamlined flow from material storage to final product shipment.

Inspection processes, again, range from in-line camera assessments to advanced CMM and 3D scanning techniques. Our unwavering on-site teams, active 24-7, guarantee uninterrupted and timely production.

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Injection Molding

A core offering at Solidify, our injection molding process guarantees precision and scalability, ensuring components that meet your exact requirements.

Thermoset Molding

With an emphasis on durability and performance, our thermoset molding solutions offer components that withstand challenging conditions, ensuring long-term reliability.