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Collaborative Success:
Turning Goals into Outcomes.

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At Solidify, we align our success with yours. We handle the manufacturing intricacies, allowing you to focus on your clientele. With us managing your supply chain, you can channel your energy into growth and innovation.

Solidify stands as a leader in high-volume plastic part molding, serving a variety of industries. Our expertise in precision molding and advanced automation ensures efficient production across diverse materials. We invest consistently in state-of-the-art equipment and methodologies, ensuring peak performance and giving our partners a competitive edge.


Why we’re different

Setting the standard in contract manufacturing

While many manufacturers emphasize quality, service, and delivery, Solidify’s track record speaks for itself. Our transformation in 2016 from a standard molder to an industry innovator is testament to our commitment. Partners recognize our distinct approach, underlining our promise of unparalleled quality, service, and timeliness.

At Solidify, we prioritize strategic partnerships that allow for dedicated focus and resources tailored for each partner. Unlike many molders fixated on maximizing machine time, we ensure that our partners receive our undivided attention. With Solidify, you get the dedication of an in-house team combined with the scale and expertise of an external partner.

Focused Business Strategy

We strategically align with a select group of partners. By minimizing diversions from non-core engagements, we deeply understand and seamlessly integrate with our partner’s operations, ensuring a cohesive approach.

Specialized Work Units & Staffing

Most of our partners benefit from dedicated operational units and expertly trained teams that have a comprehensive grasp of the product line. Unlike typical molders operating primarily on weekdays, Solidify maintains intentional 24/7 staffing across all departments. This ensures that our partners can rely on us even during nights and weekends.

Advanced Automation Flexibility

We offer a spectrum of automation solutions, from end-to-end automation requiring minimal human intervention to semi-automated and fixtured setups. We tailor our approach based on the specific requirements, ensuring cost optimization relative to volume.

Our Services

Solidify provides a comprehensive suite of manufacturing solutions, streamlining your injection molding, blow molding, and thermoset molding needs. Partnering with us means leveraging a full-fledged, dedicated manufacturing ally.

Design for Manufacturing

Custom Automation Solutions

In Mold Labeling

Living Hinge Design

Vision Camera Inspection

Autonomous Material Handling

Metal Insert Molding

Material Selection Guidance

Secondary Labeling Operations


Onsite Tool Shop

Precision Quality Control

Injection Molding

A core offering at Solidify, our injection molding process guarantees precision and scalability, ensuring components that meet your exact requirements.

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Blow Molding

Utilizing advanced techniques, our blow molding services provide robust and versatile solutions tailored to diverse product specifications.

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Thermoset Molding

With an emphasis on durability and performance, our thermoset molding solutions offer components that withstand challenging conditions, ensuring long-term reliability.

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